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2017 POLO in Bliss, Michigan – Get your Bliss polo hat on!



Bliss Masters Cup

 Games (weather permitting)
Wednesday July 12
11am: A vs D
1pm: B vs C
Friday July 14th
11am: A vs C
1pm: B vs D
Sunday: July 16th
1pm: D vs C
3pm: A vs B
Wednesday July 19th
11am: Finals
1pm: Consolation
Bliss Cup
Friday July 21st
Sunday July 23rd
Wednesday July 26th
Friday July 28th: 1pm finals, 3pm consolation
Bliss Centennial Cup
Sunday August 6th
Wednesday August 8th
Friday August 10th

Sunday August 13th: 1pm Finals, 3pm consolation

Team A: Bliss
Mason Lampton: 0
Paul Wheaton: 2
Tony Vita: 3
Polo Baez: 3
Team B: Upatoi Blue
Mase Lampton 0
Vaughn Miller 1
Ronnie Puente 1
Pelon Escapite 6
Team C: Orchard Hill
Steve Van Andel: 0
Chris Straterman: 1
Chris Nevins: 4
Cody Ellis: 3
Team D: Mount Brilliant
Hutton/Bo Goodman 0/1
Daniels Josh/Parker     0/-1
Paul Knapp: 2
Julian Daniels: 6
SPECTATOR ADVICE : Bring unbrella’s or canopies. Chairs to sit on. Tailgaters will need to arrive early for best parking. Porta Potty on site. The Bliss Store is your GO-TO stop for refreshments and snacks. They have had some cool polo hats, and both Mike and Barb will welcome you to their store. Rules and tips explained below…scroll down…
Direction from Harbor Springs is approxamately a 30 minute drive straight north on Pleasantview Rd, with a very short east/right jog on Robinson Rd. then north/left again on Pleasantview.   OR: Try the address of the Bliss store in your GPS –  it’s 1431 East Sturgeon Bay Trail, Levering, MI 49755 …..Buy a map too!
You can arrive or depart from Polo alongside the lake by taking N Lake Shore Drive, passing Cross Village and intersecting to a right (going East) on W. Sturgeon Bay Trail. It’s longer that way but the roads take you through beautiful countryside.
 Spectator Overview

This brief overview of the rules of polo is for the spectator only. Most of the rules of polo are for the safety of the players and their ponies. If you want to play, learn them thoroughly. For complete details refer to the USPA Outdoor Rules.

  • Although there are many rules to the game of polo, the primary concept is safety, for the player and his mount.
  • Ponies play for a maximum of two chukkers per match.

The Line of the Ball

The most basic concept in the sport of polo is the line of the ball, a right of way established by the path of a traveling ball.

When a player has the line of the ball on his right, he has the right of way. This can be taken away by moving the player off the line of the ball by making shoulder-to-shoulder contact.

A player can:

  • hook an opponent’s mallet,
  • push him off the line,
  • bump him with his horse
  • or steal the ball from him.

The umpires’ primary concerns are right of way and the line of the ball.

  • The line of the ball is an imaginary line that is formed each time the ball is struck.
  • This line traces the ball’s path and extends past the ball along that trajectory.

The player who last struck the ball is considered to have right of way, and no other player may cross the line of the ball in front of that player. Riding alongside to block or hook is allowed, as long as the player with right of way is not impeded.

Ride Offs

Bumping or riding off is allowed as long as the angle of attack is less than 45 degrees, and any contact must be made between the pony’s hip and shoulder.


A player may hook or block another player’s mallet with his mallet, but no deliberate contact between players is allowed. A player may not purposely touch another player, his tack or pony with his mallet.


The mallet may only be held in the right hand. Left handed players are often thought to hit with less accuracy, but guide their ponies better than their right handed peers.

Ponies play for a maximum of two chukkers per match.

Polo detail compliments of !

Did You Know…?

  • While players have always preferred clothing light in weight and color, white pants or jodhpurs (tailored riding britches,) are always worn by the players as a tribute to honor the cavalry that brought polo to the western world.
  • The word “polo” is actually derived from the Tibetan word “pulu” for ball.
  • Trophies are presented at award ceremony celebrations at the conclusion of each tournament.
  • A mallet may only be held in the right hand of the player.
  • The ball is mainly struck using the side of the mallet, not the end.
  • The Divot Stomp is a polo traditional that often takes place during halftime allowing the spectators to socialize and help restore the field for the second half.

See you at the games, Karin and the gang at Brek-n-Ridge Farm

NEW Logo Art revised

Harbor Springs, Michigan Rental newly available – in time for POLO!


4 Bedroom | Vacation | 8 Guests | 4 Bedrooms| 2 Baths
Check availability for training and lessons. 231-242-0012 Please leave a message for Karin.
For professional rental arrangements and immediate bookings, please call Graham Management
231-526-9671 163 E. Main, Harbor Springs MI 49740

Property Description: The home sits on a working horse farm and is surrounded by pastures and resident horses. Welcome to our second home!

The historic Potato House on Brek-n-Ridge Farm is now being offered as a short-term or weekly rental for family overflow guests and Harbor Springs visitors. Offered beginning July 2017 and sporting new décor, this home is equipped with plenty of entertainment conveniences.

A landmark property, the Potato House will make your vacation dreams come true. Perfectly romantic as a couples get-a-way or for families and friends filling the four bedrooms.

The past owners remodeled the old potato storage barn into a home that is distinct in architecture and unique in personality. For your convenience, the home offers both gas and charcoal barbeques, a Turkish fire pit, multiple sets of table ware – casual and formal, cooking wares and entertainment supplies for hosting large and small parties.

The layout includes the use of the original silo of the Potato Barn with a high-topped table and chairs; the large dining area in the bottom of the barn seats 6-8 comfortably; a breakfast table; a reading nook for rainy days and a large living room with a river rock wood burning fireplace. Off the living room is a patio with BBQ grills, fire pit, lawn furniture, tables, chairs and chaises. Perfect for warm summer evenings and chilly winter nights. Easy indoor outdoor living.

Four bedrooms and two baths: Two king bed rooms with a large bathroom and shower/tub on the upper floor and two queen bed rooms with a bath and shower downstairs all provide guests with closets, chests of drawers and amenities. Guests can access the downstairs living areas, lower bedrooms and kitchen across a flat lawn entrance without using the stairs.

The Potato House – rural and convenient – sits just 2.5 miles north west of Harbor Springs on M-119 / South Lake Shore Drive at the entrance to the world-famous Tunnel of Trees.  Harbor Springs by bicycle is a 16 minute ride and you can cross country ski to town. It’s  5 miles to Nubs Nob; 7 miles to Boyne Harbor Springs by bicycle is a 16 minute ride and you can cross country ski to town. It’s  5 miles to Nubs Nob; 7 miles to Boyne Highlands and 20 miles to the Boyne Mountain Resort. Ask about possible guest privileges at the Birchwood Farm Country Club.

Smoking is not permitted inside the home, not handicapped accessible, nor pet friendly, cable TV and internet are included.

Dressage Clinics at BreknRidge Farm and POLO in Bliss, Michigan

Our next Maryal Clinic for Dressage enthusiasts will be April 11 and 12th. We are planning a fine dinner Tuesday night with all of the participants. Sign up soon so plans can be made. Some of the snowbirds are back to ride so we expect a full clinic and it’s an important clinic to check in with “the judge” to see how your winter training is progressing.

The 2017 POLO Schedule …..we have some dates for your summer schedule!

8-Goal Masters Tournament July 12-16, 2017
8-Goal Tournament sponsored by Orchard Hill – July 26-30, 2017
8-Goal Congressional Bliss Cup Tournament August 9-13, 2017

Directions for POLO from Harbor Springs is approxamately a 30 minute drive straight north on Pleasantview Rd, with a very short east/right jog on Robinson Rd. then north/left again on Pleasantview.
OR: Try the address of the Bliss store in your GPS –  it’s 1431 East Sturgeon Bay Trail, Levering, MI 49755 …..Buy a map too!

Due to Winter Roads – Maryal Clinic cancelled




Thank you to all our friends…..