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It’s the families that help grow dressage and show jumping sports

DSC_6674I recently received a letter from an Arizona family thanking Brek-n-Ridge Farm  for supporting the Stepping Stones series of equestrian events in Northern Michigan. The letter was written by a grandfather of a young rider at Black Star Farms and he was writing to thank us for being involved as sponsors of the Stepping Stones series of shows.

What he may not have known was that Brek-n-Ridge Farm is not just a sponsor but an equestrian facility that actually trains these young riders to compete.

What I know is that we need more sponsors for equestrian sports that are not involved in bringing along the children. We want to show you – the sponsor – an outsider –  how powerful and important equestrian activities are to our youth and in general to our well being as human beings. The news today is filled with stories about animal assisted intervention and successful therapy of all involved. Being part of an equestrian lifestyle imparts  leadership, trust and discipline to each and every student and participant, qualities that are paramount in life.

It is without saying, however, that even before we recognize the sponsors and what we can do together with them in our communities,  it is the families of the children that WE need to thank. Thank you for your involvement, for cheering on your kids and recognizing that we are doing something so amazing with kids and horses. Thank you so much !

So once you take part in this amazing journey, at the end there is always a pot of gold!  For us it will be the YEAR END AWARD ceremonies, lots of prizes like horse shaped pastas, riding socks, rubber rain boots, bags of treats, fun kids type stuff, horse ornaments, horse jewelry and championship ribbons and more!


What it means to be a Teacher of Horse Back Riders

Dear Karin,

Stewart and I are such a better team since we started working with you. I have learned so many new things. I swear, when I work with you for an hour after school, I learn more than in seven hours at school. Thank you very much for every thing you’ve taught me. I can’t wait to see where we will be next year!

Thank you again, M

Thanks for the great card – keep studying hard in school – it’s super important!  Love ya, Karin

OPEN HOUSE AT Brek-n-Ridge Farm, October 25, 2014


On October 25th Saturday, from 11 am to 1:30 PM, Brek-n-Ridge Farm will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE. In collaboration with Ellsworth Farmers Exchange and Tribute Horse Feeds we invite you to participate in an educational exchange about THE CARE AND NUTRITIONAL NEEDS OF OUR SENIOR HORSES.

Farmers, landowners and any equine caretakers are invited to the meeting, to discuss, and if necessary make emergency plans to care for the equines in our neighborhoods this winter. Senior horses, unlike younger more robust equines, need special attention throughout the winter months.

Ellsworth representatives and their feeding experts will be available to answer all your questions until 12:30 PM. Our goal of this exchange is to educate and listen to your concerns about your horses care this winter.

At the conclusion join us for hotdogs on the BBQ followed by a demonstration by the young children from YMCA of Northern Michigan. They will be showing off their new riding skills they learned this fall in the YMCA Horseback Riding Program.


For more information and to receive directions, please call

Karin Reid Offield at Brek-n-Ridge Farm 231-242-0012.

Brek-n-Ridge Farm 7359 S. Lake Shore Drive

Harbor Springs, Michigan

Next door to the Birchwood Inn


Memi Pearsall talks about Dressage and Brek-n-Ridge Students -2014 – Win at Dressage and Jumping

IMG_2630Memi Pearsall is a 17 year old and from Richmond, Virginia. Her mother is Robin Johnson of Virginia and Harbor Springs, Mi. She has been riding since she was 7 years old and she started riding in Virginia and continued to Chatham Hall, an all girls boarding school in southern Virginia. At Chatham Hall she was able to expand her experience from the Hunters into Equitation by joining the school’s IEA team. Each year she moved up a division and started showing in the intermediate division of IEA eventually qualifying for Regionals. She also competed in a Jumper show in Sedgefield, North Carolina.

Memi does not own her own horses, yet every day she is assigned to ride one or more of the 30-40 school horses available at Chatham Hall. The girls ride five days a week, which allows the students to grow as riders and athletes. This summer was her first year working for Brek-n-Ridge Farm as a working student for Kate Etherly and Karin Offield.

Brek-n-Ridge went on the road this summer competing in shows in Sutton’s Bay and the Leelanau Peninsula. Brek-n-Ridge student Mckenzie Becker joined up with Memi and Andrew Figures in Dressage competition. Memi competed in the jumping shows with the Brek-n-Ridge jumping horses Boxcar Annie and Redstar. Memi won an important flat class with Redstar, a pretty chestnut mare new to the stable and trainer Karin Offield. “ Memi successfully accomplished many of my goals for the summer. I am grateful that she joined up with us and worked so hard.I appreciate working with these young students and looking at their riding from their point of view and discovering how I can teach them to reach for more in their equestrian dreams. ” Karin says.

When it comes to dressage Memi had this to say….”I learned a lot this summer about a type of riding I was totally unfamiliar with, to begin with. Although the hunter/jumper world is about achieving perfection, dressage takes this concept to a whole new level. I was surprised and knocked down a peg when I tried dressage for the first time and realized that all this time I couldn’t even ride a proper circle. The beauty of dressage is working to make everything perfect and having harmony with your horse. The thing I learned abut dressage this summer will and already has translated into my work in the hunters. It’s been a very interesting experience to be judged by the eyes of people who see riding in a whole new way in which doing something “good enough” won’t suffice. In dressage, nothing is ever perfect, you always need more flexion here or to be more geometric with your patterns or any number of other things a judge could find. However, I’ve found that the beauty lies not in the achievement of this perfection, but in the journey with your horse to achieve it.”

Lesson Horses for Sale

September  2014


Dear Friends, In 2010 when Kate and I opened Brek-n-Ridge Farm in Harbor Springs, Michigan we wanted to create a stable where adults and children could come to take lessons and learn to ride dressage. We have accomplished that goal and more, and in the four years we have accumulated these amazing horses that are now being offered for sale.



We know them; we trust them and we can recommend them!


All horses have been kept up to date with vaccinations, farrier and dental work. All have Coggins, so they are ready to take to a show right away! Contact either Kate or Karin for an appointment to try these horses or for more information.


ANNIE is a black and white Pinto mare born July 10, 2000. Annie’s sire was a stallion named BOXCARJACK and her dam was a mare named LTJ Littlestrawberry. Registered by the Pinto Horse Association of America, Annie stands 13 hh and easily carries adults and tall children. She is an intermediate to advanced lesson horse.

Annie will be showing up to 2nd Level Dressage this summer. She will also be jumping at our regional Stepping Stones shows for the third summer in a row. She has been shown in dressage, equitation and jumping. She excels in all.

She is a fast learner, jumping brush boxes, coops and small oxers. She likes a brave rider, and she has a lot of heart and a get up and go attitude. She is a mare with a big engine, NOT a slow poke and she adores trail rides and cross-country and she could easily become a Three Day Event Pony.

Her 2013 rider talks about Annie ….“When I learned to ride at Brek-n-Ridge, I rode and showed Boxcar Annie. She was the perfect pony for me to learn on. Her energetic attitude with just the right amount of stubbornness ensured that I learned how to do everything correctly if I wanted her co-operation. I gained lots of confidence riding Annie, and along with Karin’s instruction I learned a lot of techniques that I use on my own horses everyday. Riding at Brek-n-Ridge Farm for the past three summers has been an opportunity that I will never forget.”

Sweet natured and reliable, Annie stands for the vet and farrier. $2500


ZORRO is an unpapered American Quarter Horse 15.2 hh black gelding brought to Brek-n-Ridge Farm for training in June 2013.

Zorro has become a lesson horse for beginners, advanced and adult riders. He won many dressage classes at STEPPING STONES schooling shows and was Champion of the Year in our region. He has been shown at USDF shows through First Level. Zorro will be an amazing western dressage competitor.

We want a home for him where there will be professional training. We hope for a rider that is confident and who wants to go “up the ladder”.

Zorro is a kind soul and we have been blessed to have him teach our students. Good on trails. Best turned out with other geldings. $3200


ULKE is a 15 year old registered Friesian gelding imported from the Netherlands. He was originally trained to drive carts, and in April 2010 he arrived at Brek-n-Ridge Farm to be trained as a riding horse.

In training by Karin he is being offered for sale as an Intermediate Dressage prospect. Ulke is used in our intermediate to advanced lesson horse program. Karin also uses Ulke for students learning to trot, as Ulke allows the instructor to walk while he jogs. He is currently working on all Training Level movements and developing his canter.

He is great on trails and pastures with other horses. He is a sweet, kind and loving horse looking for a forever home.


RED STAR/Ridge Run is a registered American thoroughbred racehorse (2010) by Quaker Ridge out of Determined to win by Jack Slade b 2007. 15.3 hh, She has been raced but is calm and kind. Been shown USDF dressage through First Level and has jumped 2ʼ6” courses.

She is easy to ride and even in chilly weather she is quiet and sensible. She will be at Brek-n-Ridge until the right person comes along. Suitable for an adult, youth, amateur or professional rider and she is a good lesson horse. She is being trained to become quiet in the bridle and excels in the hackamore.

*Huge potential and big movements. *Safe horse. *Easy jumper, experience in dressage arenas, might be a terrific three day eventer. *She is very smart, does NOT want to touch the rails *She is still green and ready for YOU to put on the final touches. She will become an easy horse to ride in the dressage arenas.

• Super calm in cross ties • Easy to turn-out, good in groups • Affectionate • Nice personality • Picks up feet easily • Clips, trailers and ties • Easy to mount, narrow – bodied not wide in the ribcage • Listens to rider with very light aids • Careful and observant of her feet • Easy learner and willing • Balanced and easy changes

• Great walk, forward with big overstep • An elegant and easy to regulate trot • Adjustable canter stride, easy to collect • Great trail horse, forges rivers, ponds and lakes

**Loves other horses, good for turnout with both mares and geldings. $7000



Aged (but not too old) Morgan gelding. 15.1 hh. Very experienced show horse.

He has competed in many equestrian disciplines and he has taken his riders into the

winners circles. Would make an excellent school master for low level dressage rider.

Sweet, excellent stable manners, loads easily and is quiet arriving

at the show arena. Owner off to college. Asking $10,000.


Ask for more details how we can make your horse dreams come true – leasing, purchasing or year round lessons. Brek-n-Ridge Farm is an island paradise for horses in Harbor Springs. See pictures of these horses on our FB page and website These prices include commissions. All offers and 501-C-3 organizations considered. Kate Etherly: 231-242-0012