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Harry and Snowman festival report from the travels of Karin Offield

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Polo is over for Summer 2015 – stay tuned for next years schedule


Bring your chairs, blankets, umbrella's and your tailgate.

Polo 2015 Bliss, Mi. Bring your chairs, blankets, umbrella’s and your tailgate.

Photo by Louisa Davidson@

Photo by Louisa Davidson@

My philosophy …..

July 20, 2015

“In order to train the riders the horses bodies need to be released/organised/ strengthened/activated.

At Brek-n-Ridge, we believe in our training methods because….”to have the largest impact upon performance in the least amount of training time, the horses’ core must be made stronger, because if it is weak and/or misaligned, no progress can be made strengthening, straightening, collecting or channeling impulsion because the mechanism is frozen by the horse in self defense.”

When the horses’ core has been “released, organized, strengthened, and activated” there is immediate proportional access, that is granted by the horse to the rider because it feels more natural and more comfortable to the horse.”

From all my experience, I love this concept of training. I do believe the writer of these words is correct. He adds…”There is No other training correction has this rapid an effect.”  I will expound on this later and introduce the writer.


Reviews for the Premiere of Harry&Snowman – WOW

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A Jake Jacobson from Westwood One, MovieJake

A cinematic bouquet to the world, Ron Davis’ joyous documentary about an incredible man and his unlikely partnership with an unwanted gelding wouldn’t seem to be fodder for a wonderful experience. HARRY & SNOWMAN is. Now near 90-years-young and still jumping horses, the epic life of Dutch-born Henry deLeyer is almost too rich, too decent and too episodic to believe, but that is what makes this man and this film so precious. Young Harry, saving hundreds of Jewish lives from hiding them in a urine drain on his farm in Holland as the Nazis pursue. Getting sponsorship by a Canadian war victims Mother and honing his gift for horse-jumping. By sheer luck, paying $80 for an unwanted Amish plow horse on its way, literally, to his death and the relationship that would eventually lead to three world jumping championships at Madison Square Garden in the late 1950’s and 60’s. To Director Davis’ credit, this his third feature after a couple of beauty pageant docs, proves the third time is a charm indeed as the effusive charm that Mr. deLeyer exudes is infectious and his simple decency is well rewarded with a life well lived. Audiences of all ages will find a rousing tribute in this splendid nags to riches tale and at its sole is as unpretentious as its subject. A love story between a man and his horse will move and excite the most devoted cynic. HARRY @ SNOWMAN simply has to be seen to be embraced. Ride it.

It’s the families that help grow dressage and show jumping sports

DSC_6674I recently received a letter from an Arizona family thanking Brek-n-Ridge Farm  for supporting the Stepping Stones series of equestrian events in Northern Michigan. The letter was written by a grandfather of a young rider at Black Star Farms and he was writing to thank us for being involved as sponsors of the Stepping Stones series of shows.

What he may not have known was that Brek-n-Ridge Farm is not just a sponsor but an equestrian facility that actually trains these young riders to compete.

What I know is that we need more sponsors for equestrian sports that are not involved in bringing along the children. We want to show you – the sponsor – an outsider –  how powerful and important equestrian activities are to our youth and in general to our well being as human beings. The news today is filled with stories about animal assisted intervention and successful therapy of all involved. Being part of an equestrian lifestyle imparts  leadership, trust and discipline to each and every student and participant, qualities that are paramount in life.

It is without saying, however, that even before we recognize the sponsors and what we can do together with them in our communities,  it is the families of the children that WE need to thank. Thank you for your involvement, for cheering on your kids and recognizing that we are doing something so amazing with kids and horses. Thank you so much !

So once you take part in this amazing journey, at the end there is always a pot of gold!  For us it will be the YEAR END AWARD ceremonies, lots of prizes like horse shaped pastas, riding socks, rubber rain boots, bags of treats, fun kids type stuff, horse ornaments, horse jewelry and championship ribbons and more!