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We are lucky indeed to take part in these great events….to send in your photos and comments, address your emails to and ask for Karin.



Yea Merlin and Karin are going to Fenton for the Symposium!  We are disappointed to say that we decided to not go south due to road conditions. Our rig is long, heavy and the forecast doesn’t suit safe travel for precious cargo. Merlin agrees….and I am really bummed!  K
Here’s the link if you want to audit! Sign up in next three days!…/_auditor_application_-_jf.…

Janet Foy Symposium, Hosted by the Midwest Dressage Association Located on Carole and Tonya Grant’s Farm,
5390 Pleasant Hill Drive, Fenton, MI 48430
April 9 & 10, 201

HERE IS THEIR BROCHURE / TIME SCHEDULE Congratulations to our Demo Riders!

Hillary Oliver & Tonya Grant – Training Level, Jennifer Clooten & Karin Reid Offield – First Level, Rebecca Moras & Lorie DeGrazia – Second Level, Andrea Landis & Jayne Bailey – Third Level, Carrie Wilson & Lisa Delaat – Fourth Level, Sally Dietrich & Anne Stahl – Prix St George, Sue Thome & Sherry Nelson – Intermediate 1, Andrea Bingham & Marie Domke-DeWitt – Intermediate 2/Grand Prix


April 12-13, 2016 Tuesday and Wednesday Maryal Clinic at BnR FULL, Auditing available
April 16– Northern Pines Farm (Maple City) JUMPING
April 19-20 Western Dressage Train the Trainers – open to amateurs and professionals. Takes place in East Lansing, Michigan.   Plan on auditing with Karin
May 10-11, 2016 Tuesday and Wednesday Maryal Clinic at Katie Colfers.
May 27    K. Colfer Sporthorses  (Harbor Springs) DRESSAGE SHOW – BREK-N-RIDGE RIDERS showing with Kate Etherly attending with Andrew. 518 W. Townline Road, Harbor Springs, MI 49740
 (231) 526-2868 www.kcolfersporthorses.com18 stalls, food available on site
 May 28– K. Colfer Sporthorses (Harbor Springs) JUMPING SHOW l hope all will attend to watch and learn!
June 7-9, 2016 Three Day Brek-n-Ridge Farm  Clinic & test riding w Maryal at BnR includes a day of riding tests and being judged by Maryal. Show Atmosphere with Indoor and Outdoor Rides
June 23-25  Randy Reiman clinic at Cross S Ranch in June, Both Kate and Karin will be participating with their horses. Cows too!
June 25– Forever Farm (Interlochen) JUMPING  conflict with Reiman clinic. 15943 Fewins Road, Interlochen, MI Contact Christy Anderson at (231) 275-5311 5 stalls, food available on site

July 12-14, 2016 Three Day Brek-n-Ridge Clinic

Maryal at BnR includes a day of riding tests and being judged by Maryal. Show Atmosphere with Indoor and Outdoor Rides
July 16– Double Oak Farm (Suttons Bay) JUMPING  7765 E. Morningstar Lane, Suttons Bay, MI   Contact Anne Grant at (231) 218-3267 Brek-n-Ridge Farm students will be attending this show in Suttons Bay July 15-17
July 23 Cedar Creek Crossings – 5307 Hodge Rd., Kingsley, MI 49649Susy White (231)
August 5-6-7 Rattlewoods Farm – Oxford, Mi. Dressage Schooling Show BREK-N- RIDGE students and horses will be attending ! 
 August 6– Gemstone Farm (Suttons Bay) JUMPING 4237 S. Center Highway, Suttons Bay, MI  Contact Sarah Reincke at (231) 642-7445 

August 9-11, 2016 Three Day Brek-n-Ridge Clinic & test riding w Maryal at BnR includes one day of riding tests and being judged by Maryal. Show Atmosphere with Indoor and Outdoor Rides

August 27– Double Oak Farm (Suttons Bay) JUMPING

 September 13-14, 2016 Two Day Clinic & test riding w Maryal at BnR
October 1- MEDAL FINALS Northern Pines Farm (Maple City)

 October 11-12, 2016 Two Day Clinic w Maryal at BnR

 November 8-9, 2016 Two Day Clinic w Maryal at BnR
November 19– Awards Banquet (TBD)

December 13-14, 2016 Tuesday and Wednesday Clinic w Maryal at BnR

Then its Christmas time once again……. 



Maryal Barnett is a retired FEI “C” Dressage Judge, and an active USEF “S” Dressage Judge and Canadian Equestrian Federation Senior Dressage Judge. She is an Instructor and  Examiner for the USEF “r,” “R,” and  “S” Dressage Judges Training Program, and she is on the USDF “L” Faculty to teach future dressage judges. Maryal has given many Judges’ mini-forums throughout the United States. Attending USEF Judges’ Forums and participating in USDF International Judges’ Forums and FEI Seminars for Dressage Judges has taken her to Europe and Canada as well as all over the United States.

For Maryal, teaching is more than just a profession. It is a passion. Nothing gives her greater joy than seeing her students grasp a skill or concept through lessons that she developed. It doesn’t matter to her whether it is the beginner rider learning to sit the trot or an advanced student improving their tempi changes. Her goal is to encourage them to develop a positive philosophy and recognize that their horse is not just a mechanical thing doing fancy movements, but a living, breathing creature that needs to be brought along in a humane and logical system. The soft look in the horse’s eye and the swinging tail make it all worthwhile. Those qualities indicate that the horse has been taught to understand the system and has developed confidence in his ability to be more balanced and athletic.


She is a native of Colorado Springs,  graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in advertising and marketing.  Riding Western and hunters from an early age, Janet was actually named the “Girl of the West” for the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo in 1973!

Her interest in dressage started when living in Oxford, England, and she passed several British Horse Society Instructor Exams. As a rider, Janet won USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals. She is currently an FEI “I” judge, USEF “S” dressage judge, and an USEF Sporthorse “R” breeding judge judging at all major shows in the United States, including the FEI North American Young Rider Championships, the FEI North American Junior Championships, the USA World Cup League Finals, the FEI North American Championships, Dressage at Devon, and USET Festival of Champions, as well as FEI shows in California, Illinois, Arizona, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Florida, Washington, and North Carolina.

Janet has also judged national championships and CDI***/W  in Guatemala, England,  Colombia, Costa Rica, Barbados, Canada, Poland, Australia, and Mexico, as well as the FEI World Cup League Finals for  the United States, Canada,  and Australia.  She was on the panel that selected the USA team for 2004 Athens, the 2006 WEG, the 2007 Pan American Games, 2008 Beijing and the 2010 WEG and was appointed by the FEI to judge the 2010 Central American Caribbean Games in Puerto Rico.

Janet passed the FEI Exam to be a young horse judge, and has judged the USEF Young Horse and Developing Horse Championships several times and currently an apprentice FEI Technical Delegate, and a member of the Federation Dressage Committee, the International High Performance Dressage Committee, and the USDF “L” Faculty, when we  instruct federation judges training programs throughout the United States for dressage and sport horse breeding. Janet is a former member of the USDF Executive Board and the USA Equestrian Board of Directors.


The Western Dressage Association® of America is excited to announce that the Western Dressage Association® of Michigan will sponsor a Train the Trainers™ clinic and seminar in East Lansing, Michigan at the Nottingham Equestrian Center, 16848 Towar Avenue on April 19 and 20, 2016.  The purpose of the Train the Trainers™ program is to educate professionals who want to learn how to train, hold clinics and judge Western Dressage. A Certificate of Completion will be provided to all clinic graduates. We also list all TTT graduate trainers on our WDAA website.  As professional trainers, you are an integral part of the success of the discipline of Western Dressage.

INFO on RANDY RIEMAN and Stock Handling Clinic 

Randy Rieman has spent the last 30 years making his living horseback from cow/calf operations and grazing associations in Montana to stocker operations in Nevada and California.  After several years of working with some of this generations finest horsemen, Randy spent 9 years starting hundreds of colts for the Parker Ranch in Hawaii.  Now, after 20 years of colts, clinics and travel, Randy and his wife, Kim, are back home in Montana and have started the Pioneer Mountain Ranch for people seeking to improve their horse handling skills.

Every cowboy knows the joy and the great benefits of having a real job to do with a horse.  Sadly, today most horses (and riders) have very little exposure to working cattle, or the great benefits that come from using a horse to help accomplish a task.  Just simply moving some cattle, or holding cattle in a specific place can do wonders for both horse and rider.  Working cattle, that is doing something specific with them, is not as simple as it sounds and involves timing, feel and balance, the three essential ingredients for success in most endeavors.  Whenever possible we use our horses to do a job.  It may be moving cattle, sorting out pairs, branding calves or just quietly inspecting the herd.  The benefits from learning how to adjust to the situation, which can vary greatly with cattle, can really help develop a horse and a riders communication with that horse.  It takes some exposure, experience and some thoughtful observing to learn how to be in the right spot at the right time around cattle.