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Mission Statement & more

NEW Logo Art revisedPlease call us!  231-242-0012

We encourage you to visit the farm, get to know our staff, take a lesson or two on our schoolmasters then consider bringing your horses in for training. All levels of horses and riders are considered.  Call for more information.


OUR MISSION for Brek-n-Ridge Farm is to provide a clean, safe, fun and a beautiful environment for riders and their horses.  We are devoted to training horses  and providing our riders outside clinicians in this Northern Michigan stable. In between these clinics,  we teach riding lessons that are simple, in an understandable system of riding,  and fun so equestrians may learn new techniques and tactics that are easy for horses to understand.

During the different seasons we mentor one or two students so they may grow as riders and people. Students can apply to become part of our program.  We are a small private stable and space is very limited.

Karin’s philosophy regarding Dressage training….”In my reading I came across an author and I contacted him to ask if I could reproduce his words.  At Brek-n-Ridge, we believe in this training method for ALL equestrian disciplines since dressage includes recreational riding, jumping, cow horse work and play, western and others equestrian pursuits.” 

“In order to train the riders, the horses bodies need to be released/ organized / strengthened / activated to have the largest impact upon performance in the least amount of training time, the horses’ core must be made stronger, because if it is weak and/or misaligned, no progress can be made strengthening, straightening, collecting or channeling impulsion because the mechanism is frozen by the horse in self defense.  When the horses’ core has been “released, organized, strengthened, and activated” there is immediate proportional access, that is granted by the horse to the rider because it feels more natural and more comfortable to the horse.”

”There is no other training correction has this rapid an effect on the horses and riders progress.”

Karin remarks: “From all my experiences, I love this concept and system of training because it allows us, the riders, teachers and trainers to experience the value of “time” – the most important asset we can offer a horse in this journey. We can teach you a system to follow with your horse training and as you and your horse begin to see results, we hope you will return to Brek-n-Ridge many times to work with us and advance your techniques.” 

WHY HORSES  “Humans and equines have a partnership that goes back millennia. There is a mystique which surrounds them.  They are large, beautiful, flighty, non-judgmental, sentient beings that are willing to share themselves with us.

Horses are prey animals which means they flee from danger and find safety in a herd; therefore, they dwell in the present moment. Their primary communication style is nonverbal. These powerfully social animals have evolved to be on alert to even the slightest changes in their environment.

Humans are predators; we turn to face danger and think as individuals. Horses view humans as predators.  When we take time to observe horses living in herds we can learn a great deal about their social structures and group dynamics. Each horse serves a role in the hierarchy. When humans begin to understand the language of the horse and are willing to pay attention to the feedback they provide, perceptual shifts can occur. As horsemen and women, we value the importance of practicing “the presence of mind” around the horses. Learning how horses utilize movement in their bodies to communicate and herd relationship patterns can teach us valuable lessons about how we see ourselves and our relationship to the world around us.

Partnering with equines provides opportunities to teach critical life skills such as trust, respect, boundaries, honesty, non-judgment and clear communication. Through authentic interactions with horses, people are able to practice heightened self-awareness.  Becoming cognizant helps reveal patterns of behavior and provides us with the chance to see new possibilities.  When we connect with horses our confidence increases, our senses become heightened and our ability to empathize is expanded; all contributing to creating a more holistic sense of self.”  Thanks to Misty Meadows for providing this great explanation

Finally, we’d like to share with all of you, is that the stable can be a wonderful leadership school. In our society, women and men are not always encouraged to participate, speak out or be in charge. In the barn these qualities are practiced on a daily basis, perfectly matched with an educated compassion for the horses.

There is no coincidence that many of the great business leaders in the world have an equestrian background.


 Thankyou to all the writings of horsemen and women where we find your words and descriptions to share with our website readers.