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Sale Horses & Merlin

Call Karin and ask about all the horses for sale at Brek-n-Ridge Farm. Occasionally we are offer for sale¬†our lesson horses. We know these horses and their capabilities. We can help you match your buyer’s to our horses. ¬† These prices include commissions. All offers and 501-C-3 organizations donations considered.

MORGAN GELDING –¬†Currently Off Market

Aged (but not too old) Morgan gelding. 15.1 hh. Very experienced show horse.

He has competed in many equestrian disciplines and he has taken his riders into the winners circles. Would make an excellent school master for low level dressage rider. Sweet, excellent stable manners, loads easily and is quiet arriving at the show arena. Asking $15,000.



A Perfect Horse to Teach you How to Ride!

ANNIE is a black and white Pinto mare. SOLD

Born July 10, 2000. Annie’s sire was a stallion named BOXCARJACK and her dam was a mare named LTJ Littlestrawberry. Registered by the Pinto Horse Association of America, Annie stands 13 hh and easily carries adults and tall children. She is our advanced lesson horse.

Annie will be showing up to 2nd Level Dressage this summer. She has been jumping at our regional Stepping Stones shows.  She has been shown in dressage, equitation and jumping. She excels in all.

She is a

fast learner, jumping brush boxes, coops and small oxers. She likes a brave rider, and she has a lot of heart and a get up and go attitude. She is a mare with a big engine, NOT a slow poke and she adores trail rides and cross-country and she could easily become a Three Day Event Pony.

Her summertime rider talks about Annie ‚Ķ.‚ÄúWhen I learned to ride at Brek-n-Ridge, I rode and showed Boxcar Annie. She was the perfect pony for me to learn on. Her energetic attitude with just the right amount of stubbornness ensured that I learned how to do everything correctly if I wanted her co-operation. I gained lots of confidence riding Annie, and along with Karin‚Äôs instruction I learned a lot of techniques that I use on my own horses everyday. Riding at Brek-n-Ridge Farm for the past three summers has been an opportunity that I will never forget.‚ÄĚ

Sweet natured and reliable, Annie stands for the vet and farrier.

Annie is my personal favorite. She is an all round pony that rides dressage, jumps like a champion and is the pony that only my best riders can ride. She has an engine and you will need to become a sophisticated rider to get the job done! She is totally cool. She was ridden by Mary Otto this summer. A successful pair.

Annie is our personal favorite. She is an all round pony that rides dressage, jumps like a champion and is the pony that only my best riders can ride. She has an engine and you will need to become a sophisticated rider to get the job done! She is totally cool.

The Black, all round favorite, this summer was this beautiful boy. An aged quarter horse, quiet and willing this horse is for sale by owner. Please contact Brek-n-Ridge for information.

Zorro The Black, an all round favorite. He will win in the shows for you.

ZORRO is an unpapered American Quarter Horse РCurrently Off Market 

15.2 hh black gelding brought to Brek-n-Ridge Farm for training in June 2013. Zorro has become a lesson horse for the smallest children, our beginners, advanced and adult riders. He won many dressage classes at STEPPING STONES schooling shows and was Champion of the Year in our region. He has been shown at USDF shows through First Level.

Zorro could be an amazing western dressage competitor.

We want a home for him where there will be professional training. We hope for a rider that is confident and who wants to go ‚Äúup the ladder‚ÄĚ.¬†Zorro is a kind soul and we have been blessed to have him teach our students. Good

on trails. Best turned out with other geldings.


August 2021:

Character and sensibility, long legs and a good nature, ¬†Merlin¬†aka “Perfect Timing” was born ¬†May 5, 2009,¬†Merlin’s dam, Avalon, is a full blooded Hanoverian mare standing 17 hands, by Princeton,¬†¬†Reg. #1-23-0709-012-94, by Pik Winland out of Winspatz. ¬†She is out of ¬†Wens Dae,¬†by Whitewater, Hannover reg #317707986 out of Godiva #31-80105-87.


Winter in Wellington 2015
Louisville's Merlin
Growing up in 2013
Merlin - 4 Year Old

Buying a colt, by Karin Reid Offield

April 18th, 2010

I have never done this before. Never thought I would. But I did. He left his home today. ¬†He will arrive at my barn tomorrow. This is the email from the seller I received today.‚ÄĚHi, Merlin is on his way, loaded ok but not happy to be leaving, he‚Äôll settle down soon‚Ķ LOL ¬† He‚Äôs been off grain for the last week while I was gone so you can start him back on whatever feed you like. There is a bare patch on his right hip that is slowly growing back hair, I think it was from the betadine irritating his skin when we laid him down to geld (there‚Äôs one on the inside of his right rear leg, too, same thing, same time). ¬†Other than that he is looking good and has healed up nicely from his gelding, no problems I know of, my neighbor said he was fine all week and seemed ok today to me. I had his feet trimmed two weeks ago so he shouldn‚Äôt need anything for a while. Karin, he has never cross tied, I don‚Äôt like those things, so if you guys do that at the farm just be aware he‚Äôs not done it before. ¬†He‚Äôs never heard or seen clippers, either, I don‚Äôt own any. ¬†


So, I now that I live really far North without the compliments of many vets and blacksmiths I have been so used to while riding in the FEI level,  I will look forward to getting to know Merlin.

The Arrival:  Who knew…I would have never imagined trying to catch a young yearling in a trailer. It happened today !  Merlin was shy. According to the shipper, he had traveled 24  hours with a 4 year old stallion who kept him awake for most of the journey. The stallion was dropped off at 4 am, and Merlin settled in for the remaining hours of the trip allowing the drivers to rest quietly, for 2 hours after that…then they traveled on to Northern Michigan arriving at Brek-n-Ridge Farm at about 11:30am.  We were patient and about 30 minutes later, Merlin quieted down and allowed the handler to take him by lead, and he stepped off the truck and went willingly into his fresh stall. He stayed inside and rested, drinking water and enjoyed his 12/12 salt block and some hay.  Welcome to your new home MERLIN !

Catching, brushing, walking, and staying safe for all of us was the name of the game that week. He‚Äôs gentle, then shy, then excited, then wary, he is a million things to each person that is now in his ‚Äúnew world !‚ÄĚ Today he walked in and out of the round pen, unaccompanied by his buddy Patches. He was a good boy, then the sprinklers went on‚Ķ

MERLIN – 10/2010

Merlin grew up with Patches, our 30 year old trail horse that came from Sedona when we moved. Patches is probably the best and bravest trail horse I ever sat on and our best lesson horse. I hope it rubs off on Merlin.



Best Horse Ever