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Young Horse Training

In the last 7 years, we accepted a young horse in training each fall. We have had successes. For stories, please go to our Brek-n-Ridge Blog for more.

UPDATED: Summer of August 2021 Bleu has been steadily progressing not only up the ladder in his training, but by becoming a safe and steady mount for Debby. She drives up from lower Michigan and spends 3-4 days with us, to train and work our horses. ¬†HAPPINESS IS A COOL HORSE…..Here’s a picture of Debby in her first Maryal Barnett Clinic – it was so exciting for all involved.

In 2019, we welcomed owners and clients Debbie and Charlie and Team Bleu into the Brek-n-Ridge Farm Young Horse Training Program. A 2016 colt, this kind gelding was first started last year, ridden lightly and will be trained at Brek-n-Ridge by Trainer/Instructor Andrew Figures under Karin Reid Offield’s supervision.

Andrew’s love for ground training, and his soft and correct riding style for a young horse will suit Bleu and his personality. Once this youngster begins to develop the muscle and confidence from a riding program designed at Brek-n-Ridge Farm, he will be trained in Dressage.

May 30, 2020. Bleu is now working kindly for Andrew. Ground manners, respecting personal space, backing-up are now resistant free.