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Recommendations gladly accepted ! Brek-n-Ridge for summer riding lessons!

The following letter was received about our lesson programs….thank you !!!

Dear Karin and Kate,

Thank you so much for providing the wonderful opportunity for Abby and Anna to learn about horses and riding. Your partnership with the YMCA has enabled us to get involved in a sport we might otherwise not have been able to. Not only is Brek-n-Ridge Farm a stunningly beautiful property and stable, but I can’t express enough how impressed I’ve been with how you interact with my girls. From the beginning, you honed in on each girl’s personality and have connected with each so gracefully. I’ve come to appreciate how riding is more than the word alone implies. You’ve taught Abby and Anna more about confidence, poise, communication, and respect. I especially thank you for that!

We look forward to continuing lessons with you and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone!

Sincerely, Dana Ashton and Abby and Anna Haney