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Brek-n-Ridge Farm, A Riding School that is recommended…..

Good afternoon,

 A big thanks is in order to Karin for her instructing and great attention she gave our daughter MacKenzie this summer. One thing that MacKenzie worked hard on was her patterns. She, however , many times would come up 2nd in the past, and never placed 1st. It bothered her very much…however this past weekend she went to a show and had a pattern class against some pretty tough competitors. She won!!!!
She said she went in and listened to everything Karin had taught her over the summer. It was if Karin was speaking to her the whole time! MacKenzie did all of what she was taught by Karin and it paid off. A very unsure kid immediately went miles in confidence and was beyond elated!
Thanks Karin, she said it was all due to you ( being there in spirit ) with her. 🙂
  Thanks again!!!!!
 Heather & MacKenzie Becker
Thanks Heather – it was my pleasure and we did have fun too…more and more smiles next time ! Photo by D&G Skeel Photography

Mackenzie and Tara our Princess, learning dressage!