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The Dressage Foundation and the Spanish Riding School collaborate

Dreitzler Family and the  Spanish Riding School Create New Grant Fund

at The Dressage Foundation

March 5, 2013 – The Dressage Foundation announced today that a new fund has been established to provide financial assistance to North American, non-professional riders to attend the Spanish Riding School’s (SRS) Training Center in Heldenberg, Austria.

Ralph and Freddie Dreitzler established the Heldenberg Training Center Fund in memory of E.L. Dreitzler in conjunction with the Dreitzler family and Andreas Hausberger, Chief Rider at the Spanish Riding School and Director of the Training Center Heldenberg.

“When we were at the SRS in Vienna, Austria in the fall of 2012, we were made aware of the fact that the SRS Training Center in Heldenberg, Austria was going to open its doors for outside students to be able receive training there,” began Ralph Dreitzler, President of The Dressage Foundation.  “The Dreitzler Family decided that this would be a perfect memorial to E.L. Dreitzler, who was one of three women to be trained by the SRS (at the time she was there) and who passed on the knowledge she acquired at the SRS to students throughout the U.S. and Canada.  She also encouraged the sport of dressage and especially Austrian dressage by doing exhibitions throughout the U.S. and Canada, including being one of the opening performances at the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle, Washington with her Austrian Lipizzaner horses.”

Grants will begin in 2013, as the Spanish Riding School opens its doors to international students.  Educational programs at the School include theory seminars, riding lessons, seminars for judges and other international experts, seminars for professional riders and trainers as well as grooms.

“It is our hope that many people will benefit from this scholarship opportunity and the wonderful training opportunity that is being presented by the SRS with opening its doors to outside students to study with the Riders of the SRS.  We also welcome any donations that are made to further advance this scholarship program from other dressage enthusiasts,” finished Dreitzler.

Grant applications are available on The Dressage Foundation’s website and will be due in the Foundation office by July 1, 2013.  Grants may be used for theoretical study and/or training with a horse.

“This is such an incredible opportunity for North American riders.  Until recently the Spanish Riding School has only been an option for a select few.  Now with the generosity of the Dreitzler family, the School will be an option for many more riders,” said Melissa Filipi, Development Director for The Dressage Foundation. “The Foundation is honored to be a part of this Fund and we look forward to receiving many qualified applications this summer!”

Application and donation information for Heldenberg Training Center Fund, in memory of E.L. Dreitzler is available here.

For more information about The Dressage Foundation, please contact Melissa Filipi at (402) 434-8585.