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Thank you letters from our YMCA horse back riding students

” I love to be at these amazing horse back riding lessons because there are great teachers like Kate and Karin. The horse’s are just amazing that I just want to stay there everyday. Thanks for letting me come. I love you guys, Love Haley D. ”

Thank you Larry and the folks at the YMCA for your encouragement!  Karin Offield and Kate Etherly

It doesn’t matter that the girls wear Western boots for English riding.  Karin is looking for their aptitude and commitment.  If they show promise, she wants them to continue.  One of the ways will be through the United States Pony Club, a national leadership organization that has helped to expand and popularize horse riding.  Participants learn about all aspects of horses at an individual pace and they expand their horse knowledge through teamwork and teaching others.

“The YMCA program was Karin’s idea, and it really grows out of her values,” says Larry Wood, executive director of the YMCA of Northern Michigan.  “It’s an exceptional opportunity.”

Another family will start this week, and if Karin and Kate like what they see, a young man may have found a passion for a lifetime. 

Brek-n-Ridge Farm is located at 7359 S. Lakeshore Drive, on M-119 north of Harbor Springs.  For more information, please call the YMCA at 349-8393 or Brek-n-Ridge at 242-0012. The website is and the email address is