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My philosophy …..

July 20, 2015

“In order to train the riders the horses bodies need to be released/organised/ strengthened/activated.

At Brek-n-Ridge, we believe in our training methods because….”to have the largest impact upon performance in the least amount of training time, the horses’ core must be made stronger, because if it is weak and/or misaligned, no progress can be made strengthening, straightening, collecting or channeling impulsion because the mechanism is frozen by the horse in self defense.”

When the horses’ core has been “released, organized, strengthened, and activated” there is immediate proportional access, that is granted by the horse to the rider because it feels more natural and more comfortable to the horse.”

From all my experience, I love this concept of training. I do believe the writer of these words is correct. He adds…”There is No other training correction has this rapid an effect.”  I will expound on this later and introduce the writer.