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Brek-n-Ridge Clinics and Summer Programs

A Progressive Riding Clinic was held this past weekend at Brek-n-Ridge Farm. The Schedule for the June 8,9,10 clinic began at 2 PM on Friday and ended at 12:30 PM on Sunday for 5 students coming in from the Grand Rapids area. A total of 10 lessons plus were offered over the three days and each student managed to ride at least three times, in lessons of 45, 30 to 15 minutes in length. The subjects varied in degrees of difficulty with emphasis on safety, safe habits and short cuts in learning how to handle and ride the horses, and of course Dressage.

Five lesson horses were used, and aside from an occasional “embarrassing moment” when these eager students may have failed to “be perfect” the clinic was an outstanding success. Booked to return in the fall, we may invite auditors to watch the progress these kind of clinics can produce.

From the Instructors Point of View, I could not have been more pleased with the serious nature given the subjects, and the try exhibited at all times!  Bravo and thank you for allowing us into your riding lives. May many more successful moments on horseback develop!  Karin and Andrew