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Progressive Brek-n-Ridge Clinic

2018   A clinic was held in September for students from the Michigan downstate area. Taught as a Progressive Clinic, the students rode Brek-n-Ridge Farm school horses and have scheduled another clinic during the winter.

Dear Karin, Thank you so much for the wonderful Progressive II three day weekend of lessons and learning September 24-26th. It was fabulous. Whether I was riding or auditing I truly learned so much. I loved how you broke things down to basic elements and then had us work on each one. 

I have taken several clinics over the years and I must say that the way you teach and explain your system not only makes so much sense but also the way you communicate that to the rider is easy to understand. I don’t know what I expected, but with all your accomplishments you are so down to earth, and the joy you get from your work is so apparent and contagious!! I felt like a sponge and wanted more. 

I am definitely looking towards a repeat in the future. 

Again many thanks, Debby