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2016 Azzuro by Hollsteiner stallion Alliano our 2019-2020 Young Horse in Training

August 2021 UPDATED: Bleu has been steadily progressing not only up the ladder in his training, but by becoming a safe and steady mount for Debby. She drives up from lower Michigan and spends 3-4 days with us, to train and work our horses.

August 2019 UPDATED; Welcome to Brek-n-Ridge Farm Bleu!

We welcome Debbie and Charlie and Team Bleu into the Brek-n-Ridge Farm Young Horse Training Program. A 2016 colt, this kind gelding was first started last year, ridden lightly and will be trained at Brek-n-Ridge by Trainer/Instructor Andrew Figures.

Andrew’s love for ground training, and his soft and correct riding style for a young horse will suit Bleu and his personality. Once this youngster begins to develop the muscle and confidence from a riding program designed at Brek-n-Ridge Farm, he will be trained in Dressage. Watch these posts for our photographic updates below.

The latest Body shot May 30, 2020. Bleu is now working kindly for Andrew. Ground manners, respecting personal space, backing-up are now resistant free. Asking Bleu to stand for photography was simple today!