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Brek-n-Ridge Rider goes to the BIG time and WINS!

As teachers- we can imagine no greater outcome than a student becoming a champion, a nominee, an Olympic selection candidate, a ribbon winner or a student that comes home at night to tell her parents she is proud of herself.
The end of a summer of horse shows brings each rider and their Coach the knowledge that because of their hard work together with planning and strategy, their achievements show up in the final scores!
Former summertime student at Brek-n-Ridge Farm a few years ago, Audrey Allen – granddaughter of Harbor Springs residents Carol and Tom Titcomb and Wendy Allen family of Boulder Colorado rose to the challenge at the U.S. Dressage Finals in Lexington, Kentucky at the Horse Park. Horses and riders from all over the country traveled to compete in the years’ most prestigious event!
With Colorado coach Karen Whitman of Night Hawk Equestrian Center, Audrey and her recently purchased new horse Hugo Boss traveled from Colorado to Kentucky after she qualified in her Region 5 finals earlier this year. Hugo is a nine year old Chestnut gelding and stands 16 hands tall.
They competed in three classes, her first ride earned them a 70.500% in the USEF Test of Choice Third Level and a second place. One judge was judging, sitting at the letter “C”.In her second class, the Third Level Championships for Jr/YR , a lower score resulted from unfortunate partnership bobbles but with three judges scoring the approximate 9 minute ride – one judge still scored Audrey’s ride as a second place finish – and since it’s all in the details, the average of the three scores given by the judges gave them a twelfth placing.
In her last class on Sunday Afternoon, Audrey and Hugo won the 2nd Level Championship Jr/YR by earning the highest score of 69.921% under the watchful eyes of three NEW FEI international judges. Earning many scores of “8’s” the harmony of this team won the blue ribbon and championship recognition.
This third and final ride in Lexington for Audrey and Hugo was the compilation of all the summers work, consisting of her coaches’ careful conditioning of the two partners – the horse Hugo Boss and very young rider 17 year old Audrey Allen. It’s a huge responsibility and takes dedication and resolve. Congratulations to Karen Whitman.
Written on the USDF website, is this mention…
A Dressage Newcomer Claims Second Level Junior/Young Rider Championship
Audrey Allen of Boulder, Colo. (Region 5) joined McDonald as one of almost 70 competitors who took advantage of the new Junior/Young Rider divisions offered for Training through Fourth Levels at this year’s US Dressage Finals. And despite being a newcomer to dressage, Allen braved a 25-hour trip to Lexington to embrace the opportunity and ultimately claim the Second Level Junior/Young Rider Championship with a score of 69.921% earned with her nine-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding Hugo Boss.
“This entire experience has been really cool – it’s one of the biggest venues I’ve ever been to,” Allen exclaimed. “This is my first show season and I’m very new to dressage. I’ve been around horses most of my life but mostly did pleasure riding, so when I found my trainer and she introduced me to dressage and I thought, ‘well this is fun!’ I only had two shows in 2019 with a little Quarter Horse before I got Hugo Boss about six months ago, so it’s been a short amount of time that we’ve been together, and it’s been great. Coming to the Finals has been a great experience and well worth the trip, and I hope there will be many more.”
Congratulations, Audrey and Team Hugo Boss – Brek-n-Ridge Farm, Andrew, Liz and Karin could not be prouder! You are well on your way!
more photos to come…..


Dear Karin, Andrew and Elizabeth, Thank you so much for a fantastic (second) summer up here. Summers like these I will never forget. You are the reason I feel I can do what I want with this sport and Karin you were the one who opened my eyes and first got me started in dressage and I can never tell you how much that means to me. Having someone put so much care, time and thought into demeans SO much! The I am a top rider I will always give credit to you all for starting me on this journey! We love you with all our hearts and we’ll see you this afternoon!  Love Audrey

A YOUNG STUDENT December 2018

Dear Karin, Thank you so much for an amazing summer!  You have helped Sunset and I so much and I cannot thank you enough. You have cared so much about us and our horses and have been patient with me and also Sunset with his self./ I can’t wait until next summer and until then we will send you updates…..LOVE AUDREY

Karin and Andrew, You have made us feel welcomed and at home since the day we arrived. I also appreciate the care and attention you gave my daughter – she is going home with so many valuable lessons and experiences. We’ll both continue to practice and will check in periodically about our progress.  Take care, Wendy and Audrey