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Karin Reid Offield and Merlin


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Janet Foy Symposium, Hosted by the Midwest Dressage Association Located on Carole and Tonya Grant’s Farm,
5390 Pleasant Hill Drive, Fenton, MI 48430
April 9 & 10, 201

Congratulations to our Demo Riders!

Hillary Oliver & Tonya Grant – Training Level, Jennifer Clooten & Karin Reid Offield – First Level, Rebecca Moras & Lorie DeGrazia – Second Level, Andrea Landis & Jayne Bailey – Third Level, Carrie Wilson & Lisa Delaat – Fourth Level, Sally Dietrich & Anne Stahl – Prix St George, Sue Thome & Sherry Nelson – Intermediate 1, Andrea Bingham & Marie Domke-DeWitt – Intermediate 2/Grand Prix
What is the difference between a Symposium and a Clinic?

The main purpose of the symposium format is to educate the audience through living examples of theory. This is done through using the rider as an illustrative extension of the instructor’s theory. Riders are chosen by their current ability to solidly illustrate the theory and their education becomes secondary to the audience’s experience.

For example: if the lesson is to teach the audience the bio-mechanics of flying changes and how they are achieved, a pair with great simple changes and inconsistent flying changes cannot be used. However a pair that can land big, straight, solid changes, that can do them repetitively, on various lines would be used instead.

Whereas clinics are specific intensive educational sessions for the horse and rider, where they are encouraged to hone and develop their personal skills. These sessions are often used to serve and encourage a learning curve, trying of new processes and resolving issues via a different approach. The audience itself is indirectly educated through watching the learning process between rider, instructor and horse.

Depending on the prerequisites of the clinician, riders are chosen by level shown/schooling, their willingness to participate and improve.